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Vulnerability journal project is underway

I sent out the first five blank journals a couple weeks ago. I'm pacing myself. It cost more to ship those journals than to buy them and print the stickers for their covers. I was looking at the clerk behind the desk at the post office and he was looking back at me quite kindly, and also slightly incredulously. It was probably pretty obvious I could have made smarter logistical choices but those ships have sailed and the next iterations of the journal will take what I've learned into consideration (maybe).

What is most exciting is beginning to receive images from people who have created their pages. Like this one.

It's a stunning photograph. I don't want to think too much about what it may mean, or what it's saying (at least, what it's saying to me). Maybe I'll come back to that. Or maybe it doesn't matter. Or maybe it will depend on the images that accompany it in this particular journal, or others.

I have no idea. The vulnerability journal project is an exploration in just about every way and for now I'm trying not to have expectations of what it is about or where it might lead.

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